Survivor Benefits

Survivor’s benefits are payable to dependants of a deceased LAPF member. The benefit is intended to compensate for the loss of economic support previously provided by LAPF member who has died. Survivors’ benefits are normally paid to the deceased’s widow/ widower, children or parents. “Dependant” is defined in the Act as widower/widow(s), any child under the age of 21 or up to the age of 25 in case of a disabled child(s). And where there is no dependant, spouse or child - parents of the deceased. Where contribution credits are less than 180 months, only survivors gratuity is payable. Otherwise the survivors will qualify for monthly pension.


Supporting Documents

  •     Duly filled Form LAPF/BEN.2 ( Application for Survivor’s Benefits);
  •     First Appointment letter
  •     A copy of the death certificate/ or burial permit / or letter from Ward Executive Officer
  •     A copy of marriage certificate(s)
  •     Copies of birth certificates of children (under the age of 21 or 25 where applicable).
  •     Copy of Court certification of the appointed Administrator of the estate of the deceased.
  •     Passport size photos (two each) of dependants and Administrator (where applicable)
  •     Copy of bank ID of the beneficiaries
  •     Members ID (where possible)
  •     Medical certificate of disabled child(s)

Computations of Benefit:-

  •     Death Commuted Pension Gratuity = (Specified Amount / 2) X 15.5 (payable only once)
  •     Survivors Pension = (Specified Amount / 2) X 1/12
  •     Gratuity = 1/540 X Complete number of months of service X Last annual salary X 5 (For cotribution credits less than 180)