Member Contribution

Member’s contributions to LAPF is payable by both employer and the employee whereby civil servants contribute 5% and their employer 15% of their salary. Employees and employers from other sectors can choose to contribute either at the ratio of 5%  by 15% or 10% by 10% of employee’s salary respectively. Any other ratio can be adopted provided that, an employee contribution does not exceed 50% of total contribution.

Self employed and voluntary members can decide an amount they wish to save. Under this arrangement, member can choose to save under defined contribution (DC) or defined benefit (DB) scheme. The scheme chosen determines the mode of which member can contribute.

Remittance of Contributions

Contributions to the Fund shall be remitted by:

  • Cheque to be drawn on any bank
  • By registered mail
  • By telegraphic money transfer or;
  • Through any other mode authorized by the Director General

Contribution remittance period

Remittance of contribution is compulsory by law and employers are required to remit such contributions within one month after the end of each month on which such contributions relate. Non-compliance by the employer will attract a penalty at the rate of 5% per month of the unpaid amount compounded.