Maternity Benefits

Provided by Sec. 26 of the LAPF Act, Established by Government Order made by Minister Effective date - 1st August 2010.

What is it

  •     Cash benefit paid to LAPF female member upon giving birth to a child.;
  •     It has been designed to complement the government cover under the Maternal
  •     Child Health hospital related costs made by NHIF to its members.
  •     It replaces part of income lost by virtue of the member giving birth ;

Required Documents

  •     Maternity benefit application form (LAPF/Ben. 3);
  •     Copy of notification of birth or birth certificate;
  •     Copy of bank identity card certified by the bank.


  •     Member must be female;
  •     Must have contributed to the Fund for 2 years;
  •     Must have given birth to a child.
  •     There must be a lapse of 3 years from the previous birth unless the baby passed away .
  •     Application must be done within 90 days after the date of giving birth.

 Method of payment

  • Direct payment to bank via EFT.
  • Calculation of Maternity Benefit
  • 40% of member’s weekly salary at the date of application for fourteen weeks.