Funeral Benefits


Funeral Grant is a short term benefit provided in the LAPF Act and introduced by Ministerial order No. 262 of July 2010 to help meet certain funeral costs if a member dies.

FG is payable in case the deceased member.

  •     Had contributed to the Fund for at least 6 months;
  •     All contributions have been remitted to the Fund;
  •     Applicant is appointed by close relatives of the deceased;
  •     Application made within 60 days from the date of death;

Required Documents

  •     Application form (LAPF/BEN.4) ;
  •     Burial permit or death certificate;
  •     Minutes of the meeting of relatives appointing the applicant.

Note: Payments will be done at zone LAPF Zone Offices.
Amount Payable
The Fund will pay TShs. 250,000/= in case of death of any of its members(LAS).